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Export Ecuadorian Flowers from the best farms offering  Roses, Tropical Flowers, Carnations, gypsophia. Order min 1 boxes. Quito Ecuador. grower Wholesale Ecuadorian Roses Equador Flowers Ecuador


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For miracle of the nature, only in Ecuador is the ideal climate and appropriate conditions where can grow so beautiful flowers.

In addition, men have advantage of this situiation and successfully, this great opportunity has helped Ecuador to have a better growth production and quality flowers.

Margareta Export Flowers was founded legally in Ecuador since 1997 and it's currently working with many farms and itself dedicates to send exclusive Quality Flower to others countries, Guaranteeing the Satisfaction of our customers.

We are shipping our flowers on a daily basis to: Wholesale Flowers, Florists, Event Planners, Hotels, Importers, Retailers and Wedding Planners.


  1. Strict Executive Quality Control: In the time of the cutting and biological methods, for which depends the Quality and Durability of the flower: and in the Cargo Agents.
    Margareta Export Flowers Guarantees the Best Quality Flower, until the moment they arrive to your destination.

    The Quality of our roses always offer:

    • Long vase life.
    • Intense and defined colors.
    • Bloom size superior to 5 cm (or 2 inches).*
    • Clean and shiny foliage.
    • Chemical-FREE flowers.

  2. To Offer more Competitive Prices.
  3. Our Guarantee covers Cost of the Flower more Transport. *
  4. 100% Guaranteed: Margareta Export Flowers Guarantees Extreme Freshness and High Quality of Flower.
  5. We  have the capacity to choose the best varieties from  each and every farm, satisfying our client's demand with the best quality.
  6. Free Logistic of Transport: We Guarantee space in Airlines in High peek Seasons and we'll send the documents for clearance that you need in your country.
  7. Free Deliveries to Unites States: in Miami and Door to Door Service.
  8. Deliveries to Amsterdam, Russia, Europe, Asia and Western Europen will be programmed according to the client's demand, in trucks or other airlines.

    Handling of cargo includes the following operations:
    • Receiving the cargo in the Schiphol airport
    • Pre-cooling the cargo in special vacuum installations
    • Makeing special shipping documents for Western Europe or custom clearance of Eastern European clients
    • Placing flower cargos in special refrigerating warehouses
    • Moving the pallets into freightforwarders trucks.
  9. Logistic of Payments: With only one payment, you receive different products, varieties and farms, lowering costs of wire transfers.

    Options of Payment: Wire Transfer, Credit Card and Western Union.

  10. Commercial Representation Service in Ecuador.
  11. Customer Service in: English, Spanish, Russian and Rumanian.

Ing. Margareta Vasilita
General Manager
Mobile: 593 985888672

Marketing and Sales
Phone: 593 23571117
Ph. / Fax: 593 22495367
Skype: margaretaflowers

Urb. El Condado Golf Club.
Quito, Ecuador

US Phone: 1 954 889 6129

Miami, FL 33179 US

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